Tamalpais Trust seeks the development and strengthening of Indigenous-led initiatives, organizations, and global networks that promote and serve Indigenous cultures and lifeways, values and knowledge, human rights, ceremonial practices, and the protection of sacred waters and lands.


Tamalpais Trust seeks to create local, regional and global connections amongst individuals and groups (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) who are building holistic alliances.

We see Tamalpais Trust’s role as that of helper and supporter; not building our own organization into an institution, but building relationships with Indigenous-led organizations as they build their own institutions.

Grant awards will be congruent with the needs and priorities set forth by Indigenous Peoples themselves, while also addressing global change movements, societal shifts, and human rights.

Grantmaking Priorities

  1. Support general operations and/or regranting funds (especially to other Indigenous-led groups outside the region or even on different continents to help build cross-tribal, intercultural, and multi-issue alliances.
  2. Work with existing groups who are building holistic Indigenous networks or centers of Indigenous knowledge and practice, or who want to develop the capacity to become such a center.
  3. Help to make the work and values of Indigenous Peoples more visible and valued in the world.
  4. Strengthening the capacity and promoting the innovative decisions of Indigenous-led philanthropy.

Tamalpais Trust Vision


Some of Our Current Grant Partners

We do not accept solicitations, but ideas and suggestions are most welcome.